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Research Reports

The FSRD ITB repository collect research reports, conducted by staffs. The manuscripts are available for access upon requests and granted permit by the respected authors/researchers. The abstracts are freely available and enlisted according to their date of publications.

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Please click the title to see the abstract and full paper.

  1. Andar Bagus Sriwarno, PhD (Program Desentralisasi Dikti ITB 2013), 2014, Bamboo Musical Instrument Inovation and Development
    Extended Abstract: Bamboo is an integral part of people's lives, especially in West Java. Bamboo has been used in many areas in people's lives, they use bamboo for food, cloth and housing material. Bamboo image is identical with material that is temporary and not prestigious. We need to change the people opinion about bamboo by adding some value into it. Bamboo musical instruments have been developed since the days of the traditional societies of West Java. How to play it was still limited to the shaken like example angklung, beaten like example calung, blown like example flute, and so forth. By considering aspects of technology in it, bamboo musical instrument can compensate for a modern instrument that is played by plucked (guitar), swiped (violin), etc, with the help of electronic devices that 'embedded' in it. This research attempts to develop a variety of musical instruments (non-traditional) made of bamboo that has a good design and good sound quality with the goal of keeping the image of a bamboo as a local material. The research methodology used is divided into two approaches, the first is exploring the bamboo character and the second is measuring the right dimensions that suit the music instrument. The implementation phase are: 1. Observing the craftsmen skill and technique about bamboo musical instrument. 2. Interview with the craftsmen to clarify, confirm or identify the extent to which they understand the technicalities of making bamboo musical instruments. 4. Evaluating the shape and sound quality of bamboo musical instruments that already exist. 3. Undertake the development of the bamboo musical instrument design on the basis of the reference interview above. 5. Creating a new prototype based on the design of bamboo musical instruments that already exist. 6. Testing the prototype product. 7. Evaluating the prototype. 8. Disseminating the results of research and innovation throughout



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All materials are accessible, except stated otherwise. The rights for publication are hold by each respected authors. If there is any infringement of copyrights to be found, the manuscript will be revoked immediately from the repository and will not be available for access.

The repository publishing team do not responsible for the contents of any published materials.
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